Big doings at Somerville Theatre

Space Rogue tweets this morning:

unloading for U2 happening now behind Somerville theater. Streets closed, no parking, Big Trucks, Police, etc...



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Bono Has Entered the Building

I hope my boys don't get wind of this and jump a 94 bus instead of a school bus ... at least, not without their camera phones and a heads up to meet for dinner at Redbones ... unless Redbones gets U2'd.

If my previous experience is correct, surprise unnanounced Bono sightings can be a real load of fun ... kind of like the circus coming to town. The man is his own parade, complete with clowns.

can some one get these

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can some one get these washed up rockers out of my neighborhood

thanks in advance

U2, Live Nation suck so hard it's painful

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Laura, who lives in Somerville, rants about all the traffic blocking and general hoity-toityness of it all:

... I resent that Live Nation and U2 think they can just dump their exclusive event right in this town with absolutely no compensation to residents. They should have put the show-ola on in Boston, where all the radio stations are headquartered, instead of bringing the whole pageant here and rubbing our noses in our exclusion. Let them eat cake, right? Two thumbs down for Live Nation and U2.

Get off my lawn!!!

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As someone who grew up in a painfully boring rural NH town where the biggest celebrity to ever visit was Rudy (not sean astin but the actual guy who was the subject of the movie), I'm thrilled that a legitimate superstar thinks my new home city is worth visiting.

Compensation to Residents?????

GMAFB. Whaaaaaah! Gimmmmmeeee! She lives in one of the most densely populated CITIES in the US but she thinks she lives in Mayberry RFD?

Here's your compensation darling - you get to live in an area that has a great theater with good beer and astoundingly wonderful popcorn, multiple screens, and some of the lowest prices around - not to mention some fantastic concerts now and again and its own Bad Art Gallery! Do you know how many people would put up with some minor inconvenience by megastars once in a while to have that gem around?

(p.s. this is pretty inconvenient for me, too. Aside from keeping offspring from a rubbernecking trip, I commute through Davis Square and would be wanting to lock up my bike very near there if the weather was less insane - but I live in Medford so I don't get no compensatin' I guess, even though I'm probably closer to the theater than Miss Anthrope.)

Setting aside a few tix for neighbors would have been nice

I live a block from the theatre and think it's cool that U2 are coming, but I don't own a car and therefore don't have to put up with the closed streets and parking restrictions. I wish Live Nation had set aside a small number of tickets for the local neighborhood, perhaps giving them away in a drawing or lottery for 0214{3,4,5} residents only.

Yup. Either that, or

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maybe it would've been nice if U2 set up an additional night due to popular demand, if one knows what I mean here.

Although I own a car, I don't live in Davis Square, so I don't have to worry about the parking restrictions situations.

Ahhhh, yes!!

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I like the Somerville Theatre myself, and I kind of like the band U2, also. Well, if this is an invitation-only event, well, I guess that's how it is. I have seen some neat stuff at Somerville Theatre: Folksinger Arlo Guthrie played there a couple of years ago--had a great time. Last fall, I attended a special japanese animation cartoons marathon that lasted from seven p. m. to seven a. m. I got there close to 8, stayed until around four a. m. and then went home. I got my money's worth. Oh, and last but not least, they had a sing-a-long screening of my alltime favorite film, "West Side Story" a couple of years ago, which was well attended, and everyone, including me, had a wonderful time.

Also, I've seen movies for better prices than I'd get at most theatres. Three cheers for the Somerville Theatre! Wooohooo!