More dead cats in the freezer for the Ex-Cat Lady of Beacon Hill



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      I would sometimes see her at

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      I would sometimes see her at the Goodwill Shouting into a cell phone at her lawyers. She appeared to absolutely LIVE on the drama of her court appearances. She seemed kind of normal at first--she is able to convey a simulacrum of middleclass normalcy for a short time and then you realize she's bonkers after a few minutes.

      how can she keep doing this?

      How can this sick piece of work keep abusing animals? Are these strays she keeps acquiring? I don't know how you can enforce it, but she should be limited to living with herself, no animals, no fish, maybe a few plants or cockroaches, sure.

      I agree.

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      She shouldn't be allowed to have any pets, not if they keep ending up in the freezer.

      I knew it!

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      It's all John Kerry's fault, of course!

      oh my....

      As the old saying goes, you can tell a lot about a person from her website.

      But man, those poor animals. This would be one of those semi-amusing news of the weird items if it wasn't for the critters.

      I bet if this was a man

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      He would be in jail. Isn't abusing/mutilating animals a sign of someone who could possibly start killing people? Why isn't she in jail?

      cat lady

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      I live in Plymouth and am fostering one of this lady's cats. Her trial is currently set for January 26th after many many delays at her request. She is that scary combo of crazy and very very smart and she knows that all these delays could lead to a dismissal in her favor. The best thing we can do at this point is to keep the attention on this woman to ensure the dismissal does not happen. If you have a moment, please write your local paper, or the DA on the case Timothy Cruz in Plymouth County asking that they continue to be aggressive in her prosecution. She has killed over 100 animals at this point and has aquired even more cats while awaiting trial. She also has a beautiful great dane that we are very worried about - do a search for her watertown case and you'll see that she starved another GD to death there - while chained 5 feet away from a bag of dog food. The woman needs to be put away - either in a hospital or jail - i don't care which at this point. The one I have came to me with every single bone in her little body showing - and she was pregnant when they took her from the house. Kitten didn't make it but Mom has gained weight and her fur has grown out and she's beautiful. I can't imagine having to give her back to this woman if she should win her case. She's still skittish but is right this second making it hard for me to type as she's pawing my hands looking for chin rubs. so - please take a moment to send a quick note to make sure the spotlight stays on her - thanks!!