Jake learns why you should never use send-to-all in e-mail

The Herald reports a Boston firefighter is in trouble for using city e-mail to tell fellow firefighters to vote against Tom Menino in a Dorchester Reporter online poll on the race for mayor.

Dude's problem was he used a "send to all" function, so fire officials appointed by the mayor, such as the commissioner, also got his missive.

Two disclosures for the price of one: I built the Reporter's new Web site, and made a point of turning on its polling function, and I used the word "jake" in the headline because the Herald didn't, which is very disappointing because I thought the Herald had a standing rule to always use the word "jake" in stories about Boston firefighters. Also, dear Herald: If you write about an online poll, would it kill you to link to it?



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      Ethics violations??? The mayor threatens city hall employees with their jobs to get them to work for his campaign. And this guy is in trouble for just expressing an opinion? hmmmm

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      Thanks for the heartstopping headline, Adam. Oh, and the nice cold sweat it inspired, too. Loved it. Better than an iced coffee.

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      Sounds like shoot yourself in the foot.