Does Brighton Ave. need a 24-hour gas station?

The owner of the Hess station at 90 Brighton Ave. goes before the Zoning Board of Appeal on Tuesday, April 7 to seek permission to sell gas and run a convenience store around the clock.

At the convenience of the board, if not any interested residents who work for a living, the hearing starts at 9:30 a.m. in Room 801 at City Hall.



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There is traffic around

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There is traffic around there from before 6AM until after 2 AM on many nights, so I think there's a business reason. It's also at an intersection which has businesses on all 4 corners.

Pretty reasonable

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I don't think there'd be much negative impact on the community. The next closest 24 hour place would probably be the Hess at Cambridge St and N Harvard for gas and the Tedeschi at Cambridge and Brighton Ave for convenience store (pretty sure it's 24 hour now). This Hess is pretty much right next to Packard's Corner, so I'm sure there's plenty of traffic that would use it. There aren't many gas stations in that area anyways (next one on Comm Ave is down by BU West..and I don't think it's 24-hour).

HOWEVER, I don't agree that we should be letting him setup any sort of "auto lubritorium". This isn't Lagrange St! Keep that smut with all of the other skin joints if you ask me!

Not to mention ...

cops, EMTs, late night shift workers headed to/from the hospitals ...

There is a lot of Boston that works at night.

24-hour Boston?

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Allston is not a 24-hour neighborhood. Such an enclave does not exist in Boston, the state of Massachusetts or anywhere in New England.

The gas station directly abuts residences. People need to sleep. There is a Hess station less than five minutes away. That section of Brighton Avenue is mixed, but tends to residential.

Too bad that it's a typical

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Too bad that it's a typical Hess gas station that rejects credit cards at the pump, then when you try to get a fill up at the counter, nobody speaks enough English that they can run your card there. Don't bother going to any Hess in the city if you intend to use a credit card to buy gas. Same problem at the one on Morrissey Blvd.

No problems in West Roxbury

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I've been buying gas there since when it was a Merit station, never had a problem with a credit card (or at the one on Washington Street in Roslindale, for that matter).

Probably just too hard for you

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You probably just aren't smart enough to figure out that the magnetic strip has to go down and to the right. Seriously, there's nothing magically blocking Hess stations from handling credit cards and they all speak English. But, hey, I'm sure there are some bigots, reading this somewhere, nodding their head in agreement with you.

Gimme a break

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There are only two residences "directly" abutting....through a line of trees and well away from the pumps and convenience store front.

That's still a block before the mixed residential space begins. Across the street is International Bikes and a Budget rental lot and the next block east is the Shabu place that took over the Brazilian BBQ restaurant's spot. Nobody in their house is going to even notice that it's open at 4 am.

Tends to be residential?

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You mean people live in the hot dog shop, the bodega and the car rental lot that are on the other three corners of Linden and Brighton? No wonder they can't sleep!

Why Oppose This?

If you are concerned about a 24 hour gas station keeping people up all night, I'd say you've either never been/lived in this area (as I have), or you've never been to a gas station at 3am...which shockingly is not some noise-blasting affair to be worried about.

This is a neighborhood full of raucous college bars, keg parties, and late night eateries (Spikes, LITERALLY next door is open until 1:30AM), and people are complaining about a gas station going 24 hours? Really? REALLY?

The city should skip the public hearings on this stuff and just approve the request. No one would even notice. Instead, all of the people with nothing substantive to complain about, get to play concerned neighbors on message boards and little licensing meetings. Please.

24-hour Boston? 2

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I am very familiar with this neighborhood. I live in Brighton, worked for several years around the corner from this location, and still have friends who live on the streets nearby. I shop in the area as well.

Yes, REALLY, we do not need this. When you are in an area of mixed residential and commercial, there are some compromises on both sides, one of which is you may not be able to be open 24 hours.

They have a station less than five minutes away! And yes, sometimes it is very noisy when some people decide that they like to leave their radio blaring while they fill-up, talk and yell to their friends. Quite frequently, at night, people decide it is a convenient place to pee outside.