And why is the turnpike jammed up now?



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Perhaps someone was texting while driving and caused an accident?

Not enough workers at the

Not enough workers at the tolls because someone called in sick?

Oh Im just being silly, what sort of organization that deals with people all day would the Pike be if they didnt call in workers to fill in for those taking sick time?

Road work in the Pru Tunnel eastbound, at least

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according to SmarTraveler.

Mass Pike/I-90 East (Allston Tolls to Logan Airport) Right two lanes closed and Stop and go traffic for 2 miles between Exit 21: Allston/Brighton/Cambridge Tolls and Prudential Tunnel. Work Crew. Stay left.

2 Lanes

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They have traffic down to two lanes east-bound before, and under the Pru. I went through there at 1:15, and there was zero construction or other activity in the blocked-off lanes.

Theyve been closing off two

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Theyve been closing off two lanes on each side for a few weeks now, this isnt new. I walk over the pike every day and its always stop and go from noon to 3pm


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Yeah-- was the same at 10:30 this morning too. No sign of anyone or any reason why the right two lanes were closed. Last week they were cutting and then repatching the concrete, but didn't see any sign of that today. Driving me crazy.