Turnpike guy needs to go

Jay Fitzgerald shakes his fist:

... He keeps babbling about his "obligations" and need for "balance" and running a "business." But where the hell is his obligations and balance and business sense when it comes to the customers? He's a bean counter. It's worse than that: He's a bean counter within a crazy Turnpike system in which the math has NEVER added up. ...

Dan Kennedy: Let the Pike go bankrupt:

Massachusetts Turnpike executive director Alan LeBovidge doesn't understand many things. Here's one of those many things: We don't care if the Pike goes bankrupt. ... LeBovidge's salary is $160,000 a year. That's enough to light the Zakim Bridge for 32 months. If his position were eliminated by, say, noon today, would anyone care? ...

Mike Mennonno: Somebody give this guy a sitcom already!

This LeBovidge character over at the turnpike authority is a hoot! ...



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Fire Him

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I wasn't on the turnpike during Easter and rarely use it and am still really mad about the Easter fiasco. If Deval P. had any nuts he'd fire the guy. No,he's just looking into whether or not the screwup was "bonafide". It doesn't matter. He made no apologies and even blamed it on the drivers for not using transponders. That's like Stop & Shop saying that the checkout lines are long because not enough people are checking themselves out. The turnpike jerk should be fired just for his shear arrogance and rudeness to his "customers". That's no way to run a business, govt. agency or anything. Who needs him anyway? I thought we were finally going to get rid of the den-of-scum turnpike authority anyway.

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