Angry twits calm down

Frail whale
A Magno Frail Whale

Wade Roush provides the blow by blow of a brewing Twitterwar involving a couple of Cambridge social-media startups. Fortunately, the war is over and they're best buds again, because you know how devastating those things can be.

Meanwhile, in other local Twitter news, CC Chapman was bemused this morning to discover he is part of the Boston Twitterati, at least as judged by the Globe, which surely must know, right?

Wrong, according to fellow nouveau Twitteratus Steve Garfield, who chronicles everything wrong with the Globe story, including the fact it implies he's in either marketing or advertising, which he's not. Also, it's your basic "he said/she said" story, i.e., it has one person saying Twitter's wonderful and another person saying it sucks. Also, as is so often the case with the Globe, there aren't any links to the people and posts the story quotes.

Perhaps CC or Steve could buy the reporter one of Lori Magno's sterling frail whale pendants.



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      This is the silliest slapfight I've seen in a long time. It's like the dotcom days are almost back again.

      Even worse

      At least in the dotcom days, there was an arguably-true (if barely relevant) claim that "the Internet was created for scientists/universities/research/the military/anything except evil capitalist businesses".

      But Twitter? That's a VC-backed high-flying multimillion-dollar startup. A corporation. Its formal raison d'etre is to make money.

      Is there really a credible case for arguing about the crass commercialization of... Twitter?

      It feels like somebody complaining about product placement in soap operas.

      If this were the dotcom days

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      They'd be typing at each other from Aerons from their million-dollar designer office space, in between attending swank release parties full of other low-talent people with little idea what they were doing but all their eyes fixed on the IPO.

      Dotcommers were sometimes loathsome, but Twitterers are just silly and desperate.

      Some dude from Xconomy

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      Some dude from Xconomy recently gushed over what the site could do if it had 20 reporters. Mine even deeper depths of dullness, perhaps?

      Wait wait wait...

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      What did MA's CLiT think about the recent stimulus?

      MA's CLiT wants a good twitter? I don't think I'm the one to do it.

      Why is what happens to MA's CLiT anyone else's business but MA? Twitter is world-wide.

      Hehe, I think I could do this all night...

      Fun new word

      "Twitstorm." Indeed.

      Plus, I thought twits were supposed to be limited to 140 characters. Apparently not.