Cat burglar scores big at South Boston luxury complex

District C-6 reports two jewelry heists sometime this past weekend at 25 Channel Center, part of a complex where prices start at $759,000. In one case, on the 11th floor, "assorted antique jewelry valued at approximately $213,000 was stolen." In the other case, on the 8th floor, "assorted antique jewelry, Flamet painting, and a Dell laptop" worth a total of $30,000 was lifted. In both cases, police say, there were no signs of forced entry.



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it's called lock bumping

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Lock bumping requires little more than a specially cut key and a little practice. It won't leave any marks. In a building where all the doors have exactly the same style of key, someone could have a field day. You know what really sucks? Because there's no sign of forced entry, insurance won't pay out. Why? Well to them, it means that you left your door unlocked.

The only defense is a lock specifically designed to be bump-proof (some which claim to be aren't- you can google it and find tests), or a special spray which stops the pins from bouncing around so readily. It needs to be refreshed once in a while.

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Insurance, really?

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so you're saying that in all cases of insider thefts (using master keys or whatever means) insurance companies don't pay?

that does not sound quite right.

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