Harvard Square: Know-it-all capital of the universe

This summer, Harvard Squarians will attempt to collect and answer 10,000 questions. The Harvard Square Business Association is teaming up with Johnny Monsarrat, the Somerville guy who posts answers to questions left on a big prayer wheel in his yard for the unusual public art installation.

The whole thing kicks off at noon on June 14.

Sadly, ? and the Mysterians are not slated to attend. And Frank Gorshin died four years ago.




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      Know-it-alls know to outsource to other know-it-alls

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      If this is the same J. Monsarrat I'm thinking of, I think that he and I were the only ones to finish the project in a certain grad school course years ago. After that, he started a high-tech company and developed one of the hottest products in its market, then went on to another prestigious pursuit, and did a few other unusual things in there as well. I'd say he does know a thing or two.

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      Oh! My hero!

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      J. M. is the undisputed master of self-promotion. However, his business talks about the obvious and trivial are on par with any I've seen!

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