The parade started right on the Dot

This kid in the Caribbean outfit saw me taking pictures and flashed me a huge grin as we sat on Dot. Ave. in Ashmont watching the Dorchester Day parade go by this afternoon.

Possibly the last time the Boston Police mounted unit will march in a Dorchester Day parade:

This one guy on the Dot Out float had these really big balls:

It was a great day for a parade - at least, to sit under a tree and watch it go by. I can imagine that marching three miles up the street in the hot sun would be a bit of a workout, though. This guy seemed to be roasting:

I don't know if I'd want to stand in the way of a hungry dragon:

There were plenty of Vietnam War vets, but most of them didn't serve in the US armed forces:

Pretty much every politician you can think of was there (although, strangely, not Doug Bennett). Even Tito Jackson was there, making a bid for city council; Jermaine, however, was nowhere to be seen:

Michael Flaherty seemed to have some support in the Vietnamese community:

Bird of a feather:

Marching bands? Of course!

The Carruth building reflected in a horn:

Just in case we'd forgotten, the Dapper O'Neil people showed up to remind us that he's still dead:

When Johnny came marching home again, he headed for Dot. Ave.:



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Ah, that's why they looked familiar!

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Didn't see anybody doing the Picard Maneuver, though.

The parade was an interesting switch for us from the Roslindale Day parade. At that parade, Nancy and the kidlet usually know tons of people in the parade, while I stand there like somebody who just parachuted in from my Martian lander or something.

This time, though, I was the one saying hello to lots of folks, which amazed the kidlet. Granted, they were all politicians I've interviewed or folks from the Dorchester Reporter, but still, I don't think she realized I actually knew anybody anywhere :-).

Haha I am glad I am not the

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Haha I am glad I am not the only one who thought star fleet was being represented at dot day!

Those Caribbean dancers were

Those Caribbean dancers were not camera shy. Got a few up close and personal dances when they spotted me recording them.

The BPD horses decided to lighten their load a bit as they entered Savin Hill. Made for some interesting moments seeing parade marchers sidestep the organic obstacles.

Oh, and I've got a video of the Dot Out float, apparently he lost one of his balls en route.

I'll share the links with everyone sometime next month when the videos finish uploading to YouTube.

Panties left unthrown

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Whalehead King watched the parade:

... While contentedly watching the parade go by, the woman next to me got very excited. "Oh my %#!**$#* God!" she exclaimed, "There's the Mayor!" I looked for Thomas M. Menino, but I didn't see his unmistakeably bulky silhouette. I asked, "Where?" "There! There!" she said, and she pointed, "It's him, the Mayor of Dorchester!" Indeed it was, none other than the Honorable Stephen Bickerton, Jr. He was greeted like the singer Tom Jones as he passed by, without the women's underpants being tossed. ...


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for these great pictures--it's so nice to see all of Dorchester's vitality and diversity showcased in the parade. Made a Dorchester girl on the other side of the world very happy (and a little homesick).

Good eye/observation

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To bring up DSLRs again, I think the difference (with good glass) would've been minor in this case: more rapid control of zoom, and a bit better image quality in most cases.

A polarizer would've helped for some of the shots, as you've observed, such as for color/glare and to blue the sky when you have to expose for the black band uniforms. Under bright summer light, you can afford the loss of a stop or two. I just found that there's a converter for the SX10 that'll let you use standard 58mm filters. ("" and probably knockoffs on eBay.) Add any 58mm filter that has rear and front threading, and screw a rubber hood into the front. Even a Hoya "green box" filter or $10 eBay knockoff will do wonders. For higher-end multicoated filters on a tight budget, my favorite is to order Kenko Pro1 Asian-packaged versions, for a small fraction of the price of equivalent domestic-packaged Hoya Pro1 Digital.