The 'G' in 'LNG' must stand for 'ginormous'


The "wall" that Coast Guard patrol boat (with the machine gun mounted in the front) is in front of is actually the side of the Suez Matthew, an LNG tanker passing through Boston Harbor on its way out of Everett this afternoon (it's the tanker that went adrift off the Cape last December).




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Why's the Coast Guard attacking an LNG ?

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The Coasties are escorting

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The Coasties are escorting the tanker in case of:

Accidental collisions, grounding, hitting a buoy, abutment, etc.

Traffic control, big boats don't turn on a dime so little boats need to be shooed away if they stray.

The off chance of a speed boat bomb or malicious divers - accidents could cause a fire or minor leak in a compartment, something intentional could set off an explosion which cooks everything within a half mile and hits, as far out as two miles, with hurricane force overpressure.

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Maybe I shouldn't have called it an "attack" boat

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Since it's there to defend the tanker (by, um, attacking any evil doers).

We actually heard that the ship was coming through before we saw it - somebody on a loudspeaker warning all the little boats to get out of the channel NOW.

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That's my son-in-law at the helm!

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My son-in-law was the coxwain on this run. I was thrilled to see these pictures. Thank you so much.

The CG is required to accompany all LNG's in and out of the harbor no matter what the time of day or weather. Think of that small CG vessel at 2AM on a noght in Fenruary. It's hard work.

May I have permission to download your photos. I would love to save them.

Thanks again!

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There's no need to ask

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There's no need to ask permission to save those photos if it's just for personal use.

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