Ever want to eat in an old men's room? You're in luck

The Herald reports several restaurateurs are interested in turning a concrete building last used as a Boston Common men's room into a cafe. Possible sticking point: Whether the cleaned-up joint can get a liquor license.

Building a restaurant chain on toilets.



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"I want that toilet so clean

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"I want that toilet so clean I could eat off it. 'Cause I intend to!"

On the plus sides: easy plumbing, and an experience most women would never otherwise get.

what happened to the little

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what happened to the little outdoor cafe at the outbound Boylston egress? It was there last year, I loved it, felt like a slice of europe.

Reopening soon

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They are reopening that soon. This project is in addition to that and the snack shop at the Frog Pond - oh and the food vendors. Oh - and all the restaurants facing the common - squirrel viewing makes you hungry!

Old men's room

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Try visiting a nursing home at mealtime.

WHy not convert it to a

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WHy not convert it to a functioning public toilet?

Its not like boston is swarming with them