If Rent had been set in Boston

Then "Seasons of Love" might have come out as Seasons of Smoot:

Three hundred sixty four point four Smoots and an ear
Three hundred sixty four point four lengths plus a smidge
Three hundred sixty four point four Smoots and an ear
How do you measure the length of a bridge? ...



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Dammit, this is going to be stuck in my head now all day!

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That's why I wrote it

I HAD to write the filk for precisely that reason. My wife had been walking across the bridge, and "364.4 smoots and an ear" started going through her head to that tune on infinite repeat.

The only way I know of to get a single line on infinite repeat out of one's head is to sing the whole song to the end. Once the song ends, you're often free of the thing. But, since a song to that tune with those lyrics didn't EXIST, I had to write it, to save my wife.

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Ian, your selflessness and

Ian, your selflessness and your dedication to your wife never cease to amaze me. Lis is a very lucky woman.

/was at Ian and Lis's wedding

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