Jerry Remy's son in Fenway steroid scandal

The Globe Spotlight team reports.



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Both men were fired in a

Both men were fired in a case that speaks to both Major League Baseball’s new intolerance for steroids and its inconclusive efforts to investigate suspicious cases.

by inconclusive efforts, the mean:

1) incompetent
2) thwarted by the cone of silence
3) half-hearted, not even: spiked


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There is no Adam Gaffin Sr. However, if I'm ever involved in a scandal involving Manhattan lawyers or politicians, by all means, bring my father's name up. He shouldn't be too hard to find.

Likewise, the reason Jared's dad is relevant to this is because of the whole Red Sox connection.

Are you intentionally

Are you intentionally missing the point? It's only appropriate and accurate if you're writing an article (and headline) about a person who got fired from the Red Sox for steroids possession and possible distribution to team members, to put his name in the headline and not his father's name who has NOTHING to do with the story as written except one thing, he's the guy's father.

...which we all would suspect and which could be mentioned without putting it in the headline, so we would know who the father of the pumped-up, juiced and possibly dealing son (Jared) is without implicating Jerry (father) in any way.

Yeah I know newspaper guys think family association is a good enough reason to drag parents or siblings' name into the headline, prolly becuase your write articles 8th grade levels and you think we wouldn't figure it out.

Leave Jerry out of it until you have a link! Hey do you suppose this is why Jerry is not broadcasting this year?

So who is your dad anyway?

If you want to find my father ...

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I've given you enough hints that you could.

But again, I'm not involved in any scandal remotely related to anything he is involved in (or vice versa) - hmm, for that matter, I'm not involved in any scandal that I know of. Do you know something I don't? :-).

I see. It's the polite thing

I see. It's the polite thing to do; introduce the fallen from grace through the famous family member as the gateway.

No, I know it's common practice but I find it geared more to sensationalism rather fact reporting and I thought you'd jump on it as an improvement of journalistic form. But I forgot profit rules ethics. ;-P

Profit rules ethics here?

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Not only that, but on a slow news day, adamg will torch a church or beat up some kittens, just for the sensational scoop.


The paucity of profit is outdone only by the lack of ethics.

Any connection to

Any connection to "celebrity" is going to be mentioned - that's the business. Are you outraged when the headline says "Truck Driver Arrested For Rape?" Truck driving has nothing to do with the crime - it happened at home - but the job goes into the headline.

The problem isn't what the headline writer did - the problem is what Jared Remy did. When you do the deed, you bring the heat down on your family. Which is a good reason to keep your nose clean.

Reality check

Does anyone with half a Boston bean for a brain think for a minute that the last name "Remy" won't lead people to ask if there's a relation?

This was hardly trampling on privacy, suggesting that Jerry Remy is somehow in on the 'roid scandal, or a big journalistic stunt.

So maybe the connection was more appropriate for the text than the headline. But really, it's no big deal.

It's not a big deal. That

It's not a big deal. That said, it makes sense to name the subject and not his father in the headline; and name the father in the text.


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Ohh, Sarcasm lost.