High-school T pass hours extended; could college students get discounts?

The Executive Office of Transportation says that, effective immediately, student CharlieCards on the T are now good until 11 p.m. on weekdays - three hours longer than before, in a program aimed at letting kids participate in after-school programs that run late.

The office also says it is looking at creation of a new Youth Pass - available to anybody through age 21.



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Fare Evasion Moment to Remember

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Before we start talking about extending discounts, I would still like to see more effort expended on cracking down on fare evasion. It is still absolutely rampant at the Green Line surface stops.

Incidentally, there was a great moment the other day on the D-train. Front door opens, followed by the rest about 7 seconds later. Two guys and a girl, definitely college-aged and wearing some clothing referring to two schools (which will remain nameless to protect someone), walk in the back doors. Then the operator comes on:

"Hi, and welcome aboard. I wish to particularly welcome the three of you, two guys and girl, who came in the side door and are now sitting in the middle portion of the car, and give you a personal invitation to come up here and pay your fare."

The color of their faces was well worth the short delay (the operator was going nowhere until they went up to pay).

Except, you know, people

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Except, you know, people with monthly passes are SUPPOSED to board through the rear, per MBTA PR campaign when outbound rides were made not free.

So why should the operator publicly embarrass people...when they might be doing what the MBTA says they should?

Thats why the drivers job should NOT be fare collection, but to DRIVE.

Excellent idea

This is an excellent idea for high-schoolers. I realize the student pass is supposed to be for kids getting to and from school but I think it's worth extending - 24-hours a day, in fact. Will it cut down on evasion by teens? Unlikely, right? But it might help, a bit. The plus is that, if more kids use cards instead of sneak through, officials get better data on who is using the system.

College kids who evade fares should be shipped back home. I hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The youth fare, if to encourage college student use, needs to go to 23-24 year olds, but that might be going too far.

College kids should see the value of having the passes. It's so much easier! $30 per month?? Love it.

The average college student these days usually has

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an iPod (or mp3 player), a cell phone with advanced features, and a laptop. Given this, I find it hard to support the idea of giving them a "per-fare" discount on transit use. Have them buy a $30 monthly pass instead.

yeah, if only monthly passes

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yeah, if only monthly passes were $30... even the Bus only is $40, and the Link pass is $59.


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Why don't colleges approach

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Why don't colleges approach the T about a U pass like chicago where the college is repsonisble for the difference?

F the college kids. I'm

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F the college kids. I'm sure 99.9% of them have their monthly T pass paid for by mommy and daddy in the first place.

yeah, right

I'm sure all those kids getting on and off at Community College in scrubs and work clothes are simply making the latest upscale fashion statement.

And some work their asses off

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And some work their asses off to get throw college. Most people don't have a ritch mommy and daddy to support them in addition to paying tuition. I think having a discount for college students too is a great idea. Commuter rail is way too expensive.