Andy Card as a vehicle for message testing spins an interesting answer to the question of why a guy who hasn't lived here in 25 years and who is best known as consigliere to one of the most unpopular presidents in the state would want to run for U.S. Senate: It's not really about Massachusetts. Card would run in an election with national attention (and with local coverage that reaches into New Hampshire) to let the Republicans test various themes and messages for the 2010 fall elections.

Dan Kennedy has a theory, too - that Card is really just using the Senate race to gain visibility for a run at the governor's seat.



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      I have a hypothesis as well

      Mine does not involve motives quite so devious and machiavellian. I think Card just has a big lack of self-awareness. He looks in the mirror and sees Bill Weld. He looks at the calendar and sees 1991. He thinks he's a good-looking devil, irresistible to women. All of his children are above average. Etc.