Chuck Turner hires muscle

The incumbent Roxbury city councilor spent Tuesday roaming his district with four security guards, one packing heat, opponent Carlos Henriquez charges:

I'm concerned that the councilor feels the need for security to travel the district which he represents on election day. Every night teens and mothers in my neighborhood travel alone. Some with their children to bus stops with no sense of security. I wonder how they feel. ... We are working to teach young men in the community that they don't need to have guns or travel with a gang for safety. But if the sitting City Councilor feels he needs someone with a gun with him to travel Roxbury, Dorchester and the South End, then what is he saying about the community he represents.



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    Voted for Henriquez will leave it blank now

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    These kind of lies and distractions from the issues that really affect Roxbury are exactly why I didn't vote for Chuck this time around. I hoped Henriquez would've been a better choice. Apparently I was dead wrong. I can't in my right mind vote for Chuck but anytime Ive ever seen Chuck in Roxbury he is not accompanied by 4 security guards. We need better choices for office maybe Tito Jackson if he doesn't win at-large.

    great call

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    No way Tito can win at-large. He has a strong voice, but it doesn't speak for all 22 wards in the city.

    Tito 2013 District 7!!!

    public safety is a top issue in District 7

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    More needs to be done around public safety in district 7 for all residents. Instead we have a councilor that is making sure he is safe while teens and mothers aren't afforded the same sense of security. Is that not a real issue for you ? The mothers that worked the polls on election day took photos and called upset. I would gladly put you in contact with them and I would gladly speak to you about the issues because I agree there are too many distractions and no one wants to talk issues.

    Carlos Henriquez


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    last I checked you cant run around making things up. I saw menino had a parked cop car in front of his home. and that can be verified this bs cant be


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    Mere mortals like us have no idea where his house is...


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    how hard could it be to verify he was out in public on election day with 4 bodyguards? someone should call him and ask him, then maybe ask someone else.

    Supposedly his bodyguards

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    Supposedly his bodyguards are ordained ministers.


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    This is not about making things up. Public safety is a top issue at every household in district 7 from JP to Roxbury to the South End. Mothers working the polls on election day had the same to say and worse about their current councilor needing security in neighborhoods that he represents.

    I'm happy to talk about how we can make the streets safer for all residents in District 7. This was brought to light to show exactly the level of distraction the current councilor has around him while we are working on public safety in the District, he is working on personal safety.

    This is a truly absurd

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    This is a truly absurd criticism. I see Turner constantly in Dudley Square, Fort Hill and around Roxbury, always willing to talk to his constituents. Henriquez should ask the Councilor who these men are before making these claims.

    The truth cannot be absurd

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    It is not a claim. It is true. Many people asked. And he was also asked by several campaign workers. I also have seen Chuck in Roxbury for years by himself. It was only on election day that I have ever seen him with security and that is what my comment is based on as well as the reaction of folks that witnessed it.

    Carlos Henriquez

    Its unfortunate, but true

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    Its unfortunate, but true Councilor Turner did travel with security guards to visit polls on tuesday as I worked one on Elm Hill ave and my jaw dropped when he arrived. I had to ask a Flaherty worker who was older and had more insight as to why. I was told because our Councilor has threats against, so he may fear for his safety. I myself am a single parent raising a wonderful, educated, well rounded 14 year young man, and all that came to my mind was wow if our own City Councilor of 10yrs has to walk the streets with armed body guards, maybe he could be so kind as to donate them for me or my child who travels the sames streets as Mr. Turner except hes on public transportation, not a tinted car. To Anon whether you believe it or not its true and it its your job to educate yourself as to who will do the best job for District 7, Turner or Henriquez. To suggest Carlos Henriquez is stirring away from the issues I believe you are dead wrong, Public safety is a issue!!!

    Your Fox New's right now

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    Its customary for elected officials to have some security Menino who has 50% of the Boston vote has 24 hour police detail in front of his home and is driven around by a cop 24/7 this does not mean he is afraid of is constituents. Just of TARGETED violence. I know and have seen Chuck in the community for over 20 yrs. He trusts and fights for his district. He's not afraid of being targeted by random gun violence here. Those people may just be worried about the countless death threats he's gotten since his case. I would stop with the distractions as you know full well the man is not afraid of his community. Hell he has an office near dudley and everyone knows if your scared of Roxbury YOUR def scared of Dudley.

    so he's received death

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    so he's received death threats for being caught in a federal probe for taking money that he shouldn't have taken (ALLEGEDLY).
    and now he needs security. . .what a joke. . .

    a cab driver threatened to kill me this morning for walking too slowly across the street. maybe i should get security too.

    does Finneran have security ? Does Dimasi ? Does Flaherty (didn't he get shot before ?)

    That link

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    doesnt work there is no photo

    has everyone gone nutty ?

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    targeted threats to a Boston City Councilor ? C'mon are you serious. The Mayor has a police detail but a councilor receiving threats. . .and needing security can't be regular. . .why ?

    What is Chuckie into ? Who is after the thousand dollar man ? Halliburton ? If so, rent-a-cops can't save him. Maybe young Henriquez can win him over by taking a bullet for luckie chuckie !

    I'm glad I'm leaving this city where you can't utter a bad word about an elected official or the sports teams.