Bill would make 'Fever Pitch' the official state movie

The mind, it boggles.

An Act establishing "Fever Pitch" as the official movie of the Commonwealth, introduced by state Rep. William Brownsberger at the behest of a bunch of students at the Cambridge Friends School (the more civic minded among you may recall that the state Constitution requires legislators to introduce bills from constituents, but doesn't say they actually have to pass them).

Why not Celtic Pride?



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    Um, yeah.

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    Considering Fever Pitch was an adaptation of a Nick Hornsby novel, I don't know if that's the most appropriate state movie. I mean, the original story is about a British soccer fan.

    Surely there's a film truly inspired by and set in Massachusetts that isn't about mobsters or stranglers. Isn't there?

    there's a bunch of them...

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    good will hunting
    the paper chase
    a civil action

    and some even worse choices than Fever Pitch...

    gone baby gone
    soul man

    and if they want a red sox based one, let me recommend the documentary "still we believe" about the 2003 red sox season.

    Nick Hornby

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    Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch is a memoir not a novel. It's a good book too if you're interested in fan culture.

    Mass. Movies

    I actually wrote Brownsberger about this, and from his reply it seems like hate mail is raining down on him. FEVER PITCH (the American version) is a completely horrible example of romantic comedy dreck. I would be humiliated if this bill passed.

    My pick: GLORY, the story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry in the Civil War. An Oscar-winning classic, and the story behind one of Boston's most famous monuments.

    If they wanted a Sox movie, why not FEAR STRIKES OUT - at least that has some substance.

    If you want something fun, why not JAWS, shot on the Vineyard?

    Johnny Tremain?

    It would fit with the the educational curriculum prevalent when my husband was young and thus be comforting to mid-age citizens.

    state history = local colonial history; federal history = local colonial history; international history = start with local colonial history, etc. Let's show Johnny Tremain again!

    I would rather have the

    I would rather have the Departed or Boondock Saints be the state movie.

    There was a movie called Entering Wonderland that would be nice for a serious twist.

    Entering Wonderland?

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    Are you sure you're not thinking of NEXT STOP WONDERLAND? Fluffy little romantic comedy from about a decade ago?

    Well, it's not like they're gonna pick THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE...

    Yes that is the ticket.

    Yes that is the ticket.

    Considering the proposed sandwich and the proposed candy are both from Revere they can have a big event on Revere Beach where they serve Necco wafers and serve Fluffernutters while showing the film Next Stop Wonderland.

    Do you mean Next Stop Wonderland?

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    If so, I agree, great choice for a movie with Boston locale (though I would label it as "serious", it was more of a comedy).


    Makes a little more sense, I suppose, than the proposed state mammal: the elephant.

    I propose that we change the state bird to the quetzal.

    Why are they looking to name

    Why are they looking to name the state mammal the elephant? Do we even have any elephants in our zoo's or has Deval already put them to sleep?

    At least the kid pushing the number 6 on us seems to have an intriguing defense for it. I fully support his efforts based off of his argument. Elephants and movies go to the back of the line

    Nah, gotta honor George V. Higgins

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    No contest.

    "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" written by Higgins, with
    Robert Mitchum in the title role.


    his "numbah foah, Bobby Oah" by Mitchum at the Bruins game was a classic.


    I like the movie Fever Pitch very much, but to give it the honor of our official state movie? Really? Although, who really cares, nor needs an "Official State Movie". If they have so much time to really be deliberating on that, that is disturbing.

    While the movie itself

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    While the movie itself wasn't anything horribly special, It was filmed during the 2004 run up to the winning world series and during the final game.

    My guess is that alone is reason enough.

    Good Will Hunting

    is my choice, especially as it paints two local institutions (MIT and Bunker Hill Community College) in a favorable light, and makes great use of local scenery.

    Not only that

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    But Affleck and Damon are from around here, as opposed to Brooklyn-born Fallon...

    Anything but that

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    Ugh. There's got to be a better choice than that. I'd even take Legally Blonde over Fever Pitch. How about The Friends of Eddie Coyle?