Cantabrigian discovers Dedham secret: Five Guys is really good

Jen reports on a visit to the Dedham Five Guys, concludes:

I really wish it would come to Cambridge!



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    OK, I know this is a dumb

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    OK, I know this is a dumb townie point to make, but this line drove me bananas!! "a bunch of city folks from Cambridge driving all the way to Dedham". Considering the Dedham Mall is literally less than a mile from the Boston border (West Roxbury), you didn't make as big of an excursion as you might have thought. In fact, I would bet that most of the people at that 5 Guys were much more "city" than you. :)

    I know, but I sympathize

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    Back when we lived in Brighton, Dedham just seemed like the edge of the world - you'd take that long drive down Rte. 1 (remember when the Jamaicaway was Rte. 1?) and it took forever and then, OMG, boonies! It took us a year or so to stop exclaiming "What are we doing here?" when we'd go down to the Stop & Shop after we moved to Roslindale.

    Now, of course, we only snicker derisively at people who don't realize that Dedham is right next to Boston - and we have a daughter who gets upset at the parkway signs that say "Boston 6 miles" or whatever because "We're already IN Boston!"

    As a former Cambridge resident

    I avoided North/South traffic from there like the plague. There's just no good route you can take. You can do I-95 if it's not rush hour, but otherwise it's one big jam South of the city. I think in this case it's not the physical distance but the hassles and time involved in slogging from Cambridge to Dedham.

    as someone who grew up in DC

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    as someone who grew up in DC and had five guys for years, I find it funny that it's described as a "Dedham secret"

    Oh, sure, but ...

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    The chain is fairly new in the Boston area. And the Dedham one is particularly easy to miss unless you're already at the strip mall it's in because it's so far away from the road.

    If she likes that I'd

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    If she likes that I'd recommend U-Burger in Kenmore Square. A little cheaper, the food is very similar (Ground sirloin beef) and they have more specialty burgers, chicken and salads.

    Might have to run over there for lunch now.

    There is one in Swampscott

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    There is one in Swampscott too in Vinnin Sq. Don't go there if you are in a hurry. Food takes forever but it's worth it.


    Two weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to go to the one in Marlborough. I had been to a Five Guys in Maryland with some family members a few years ago and thought it was OK. My latest experience was perhaps a bit better (probably because of the lack of screaming children). The burger was very good, but not the bestest burger ever. Nevertheless, if there was a Five Guys down the street, I'd probably go there often.

    No peanuts on the floor?

    A buddy and I stopped by the Dedham Five Guys after hitting balls at McGolf the other day (best driving range around Boston – heated bays open year-round). He seemed surprised that people weren't throwing the shells from the complimentary peanuts on the floor - like they apparently do at other branches. He claims it's part of the mystique of the place...

    Haven't been to the Marlborough or Swampscott locations – peanuts on the floor or no?


    Marlborough was spotless, looking like it had just opened the day before -- but it was rather empty when I was there. Not enough patrons have been to Texas Roadhouse to get their shell-throwing habit on, I guess.


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    I admit it - I'm sort of a regular there now, and I've never seen anybody throwing peanuts on the floor. Never even would have thought to do it. Dedhamites are neat, I guess.


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    It's Cantabrigian! No D.


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