ALDS game 1: 5 to ouch

MLB sure has a sense of humor putting an ump named Bucknor at first base for a Red Sox game, those scamps.

Beth acknowledges the comedy of errors that was the Sox bullpen and offense, but adds:

... Generally, I believe that you don't win or lose games solely because of officiating.

But if you're an Angels fan who's believed certain conspiracy theories alleging that the league advanced the Red Sox via the umpires last year, I really wonder what you're thinking right now.



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    Another bad call that worked

    Another bad call that worked in favor of the Redsox was the supposed catcher interference that put Ellsbury on 1st.

    There were a few 4 out innings, and a few 2 out innings, so I guess it balanced out. I counted a total of 51 outs, they just weren't always 3 per half inning.


    If we're talking about the same play, initially thought it looked that way too, but they showed another angle and while the guy made it to the bag before the throw, his foot then came off the base and he was tagged. (Or am I thinking of a different play?)

    Fun with Wikipedia

    Look what somebody did to his Wikipedia page.

    OK, that's a screen capture. The page is now locked "due to vandalism."

    And actually, calling him blind is kind of mild compared to some of the revisions that some Wikipedia editor valiantly tried to delete, until he finally got fed up and just blocked new and unregistered users from touching the page altogether.