Political satire hits the Hub


Not certain that subtlety

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Not certain that subtlety was what they were going for. Seems like the absurdity of the bad impersonations, looking nothing like anyone intended and the content was meant to be over the top. Either way worth a chuckle.

Over the top?

The content wasn't over the top; it was below the limit. Undetectable.

Q: What's the difference between sarcasm and derision?
A: Sarcasm's funny.


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You think that these videos are not as funny as changing the word Windex to Kineavex? Wow.

thats because these guys have nerd humour

they think they are so clever and witty and like to use big words and show off how smart they are with extensive use of the dictionary.

But they wouldn't know funny if it slapped them across the face.

Conflicted much?

7:39p: hilarious i love it!

9:03p: they wouldn't know funny if it slapped them across the face.

I like subtle, I admit it

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As opposed to:

Hi, I'm Michael Flaherty and I am a low-life scumbag.

And I'm Eddie Kelly and I like pulling wings off newly hatched sparrows.

[Laugh track]

ok to each his own

not that there is anything super creative about what they did, but i give them credit for making me laugh and informing people about some things some of us may have not know about flaherty (including myself)

he makes good points and does it in a funny way. i also give him credit for bringing political satire to boston. first time i've seen something like this here.

i do know a guy who does a great mumbles imitation though

eeka you are so welcoming

the guy wanted to share a funny video he made what's wrong with that? But it's ok for you to post a link to your little website?

it's not your little world here it's open to anyone.


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pay no mind to rageboy. he is visiting from ohio


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This is great! Finally the truth about Flaherty comes out.....yea he knows how to eloquently speak around the issues -- but if anyone looks deeper at him we'll all understand 1) his blatant disrespect of law, 2) his self-centered view of Boston, and 3) how he subscribes to institutionalized racism.

The only choice on November that will actually continue the trajectory of progress we've seen over the past 16 years is MENINO!

Flaherty and Yoon would be a step back for Boston, in all regards!

if you're implying that I

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if you're implying that I would for the Mayor and am compensated for being on this blog -- you're wrong...but nice try.

I'm a private citizen who stays informed about the issues and the candidates...and I know Flaherty is a joke...who has no intent or capability of helping Boston.

The truth! The issues!

I too think that Flaherty should have to address these egregious "incidents" of his.

Uncle and father. Of his uncle and father. Sorry, I should have finished that thought.

Seriously, there's nothing in these cartoons about Flaherty himself. He is an old Boston hand, so surely there must be something to say about, you know, him? Without that, all you have is ten wasted minutes of animation of the form:

A. Flaherty says he'll change things.
B. Not!