'Service is moving with delays' on the Red Line

Curse you, malfunctioning signals!

Dan Dunn reports a nearly hour-long ride from Davis to Kendall.

Hoppzor wonders why these signal problems so often occur when it rains:

every time it rains there are mbta signal problems at harvard or alewife. pretty sure these stations are underground.

Also, I probably only find the following funny because I'm sitting nice and dry inside: The T reports it has to divert some Silver Line service in South Boston because of a ship docking at the Black Falcon Pier and advises: "Passengers are encouraged to walk out to Dry Dock Ave. for bus service." Dry Dock Ave.? This morning? More like Wet Dock Ave., amirite?



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    Just got off the Red Line...took over an hour to get from Davis to Park Street. Not once did the conductors tell us why we were stuck in the tunnel for so long. I loathe the Red Line!!!!!!!

    Red Line - Porter

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    Adam - Could you please investigate why the T would prefer to lose money than lower their prices? The Porter T station always had a nice little coffee shop but the T squeezed the small independent owner out over rent. It has been dark for over a year! Porter also always had a flower vendor with reasonable prices, but she was forced out by raising the rent to a ridiculous fee for a little vendor. The T should allow these people to use this space for a little over cost, since it improves the T experience. They haven't even tried to market it to a larger player, like Au Bon Pain who may be able to swing it by selling more than coffee.
    What is going on???? They gave up $600 a month from the coffee vendor because they have a Goldman Sachs level of greed?
    Thanks for checking this out.

    Hmm, still delayed?

    When I was at Davis around 7:50AM, there was a very dead looking (i.e. not in the station but almost and with all the lights off) train sitting on the tracks to Alewife. There was quite a crowd to get downtown as well. Surprisingly a train downtown arrived fairly quickly. I can't believe there's still issues though.


    Why would a ship arriving interfere with a bus route? Unless someone is way off course...