Boston's other giant hole


Some Allston residents (including blogger Harry Mattison) have taken to picketing wherever they think politicians would show up (such as last night's at-large council forum in Brighton), to protest the way Harvard bought up much of the neighborhood and now is just letting it lie fallow.



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    please, just come out with it

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    I really can't help it Adam, but it is very very clear your not supporting the Mayor in this race! I know this site only provides links, but nothing positive about the Mayor?? Also, your last post about the globe editorial, you went into great length to bash the globe over it. So as I said before, just come out with it and stop acting like your neutral

    He allowed someone to post

    He allowed someone to post those gawd awful videos lampooning Flaherty the other day. I do not believe this is an official news outlet that claims to be 100 percent nonbiased it is a blog compiler with the occasional news item tossed in. With a good chunk of the blog world leaning anti-Menino it only makes sense that the coverage here would skew in his favor. If Adam spent all of his time hanging out at the local KOC taking notes or hung out the Dunkin Donuts at Govt center interviewing people then maybe the content would be a little more pro mayor.

    It is my impression many of the supporters of the mayor are not blog based. Do you have a blog?


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    They could've at least left the kmart

    Not the only other one

    There have been a couple of large holes in Dudley Square as well for about a year. Lately there have been some trucks poking around them but little in the way of actual construction.