Discounts for T riders



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    Read the fine print

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    Specifically, the "Exclusions Apply" and "Select Performances Only" notations on a number of the arts and business listings.

    One of the reasons I never take much stock in coupon books.


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    You picked like the 10 items in the book that have that disclaimer (and you don't even know what "select" or "exclusions" are being applied).

    There were numerous restaurants and other stores that listed no such disclaimer and offered very nice discounts. Cambridge Summer Shack giving out free soup or dessert with purchase of an entree, for example.

    Unless I'm mistaken, "Select" and "Exclusion" imply

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    that the discount isn't valid for everything being sold or offered.

    If a business is going to be so frugal as to put such limitations on an offer, then they should at least be honest enough to tell us what is selected for the discount or what is excluded from the discount before we decide to go to the business or venue with the expectation of getting that discount.

    And yes, there may be some decent offers in here if you look closely enough. However, there was nothing in the book that jumped out at me as "buy this now".

    I liked

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    The Summer Shack one and the New Balance Outlet's 25% off one item.

    There were a few others too. What would be handy is to keep a copy of it around though, since many of the places are where I might be going take whatever discounts you can.

    Worry Not Innismir!

    You can get a Charlie Card from any T station customer service agent. You don't have to put anything on it even. I opt for the "1A" pass because it costs the same as the charlie pass, but gets me boat rides and zone 1A commuter rail. I also carry a Charlie Card for those times that I would like to take the Express Bus or so my kids or a guest can ping themselves aboard.

    A friend who was a guest in the city told me a sweet tale about how the nice lady handed him one, and showed him how to load and use it. He's going to bring it along on future trips, or ditch his car at my house and take the express bus.

    Was wondering

    Heh. Just last week I found last year's when I was tidying up. As I tossed it in the recycling bin, I wondered if there would be a new one.

    coupons on the passes

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    Do people remember when the monthly passes used to have a coupon on the back for different businesses? I'm old.