Police seize alleged attack pit bull that may have chomped on girl earlier this month

Boston Police report seizing a pit bull on Talbot Avenue in Dorchester Tuesday morning after its owner allegedly tried to sic the animal on the young daughter of a neighbor with whom she'd been feuding.

Police say the dog may be the same one involved in an incident earlier this month, during which a woman on Talbot Avenue allegedly laughed as her pit bull attacked a girl waiting for a school bus.

Police report on Tuesday's incident:

While the officer spoke with the caller, a black female appeared with an un-muzzled pitbull. The caller's young daughter was immediately frightened by the dog and jumped onto her mother. The officer ordered the female to restrain her dog to which she refused. The suspect began yelling at the caller and continued to threaten her. She stated, "I will be waiting for you when you get home."

Dog owner Allaya Chamliss, 29, of Dorchester, was not charged, but was told to bring license and vaccination information to the C-11 police station. The dog is currently at the city animal shelter in Roslindale, where workers will evaluate it to see if it can be put up for adoption or must be put down; police say Chamliss has yet to appear with documentation.



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    anon2 agrees. Here's hoping

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    anon2 agrees.

    Here's hoping they put it up for adoption to a caring family, and not put it to sleep.

    I'm confused

    Why wasn't something done about this woman and her dog after the _first_ incident?

    Why is nothing STILL being done about this dangerous and threatening woman (who sounds more dangerous than her mis-trained dog)?

    Um yeah

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    If I'm reading that right, she disobeyed the orders of a police officer and threatened someone in front of a police officer. And wasn't arrested?


    Put the woman to sleep and keep the dog

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    She should be ordered to shovel 1000 hours of shoveling dog $#%t on the streets. Oh, wait this is Massachusetts - the union will demand we pay her to got to counseling and the democrats will send her a welfare check.