Provincial New Yorkers think Bostonians don't eat burgers

It's true! Look at this headline from today's Times: New York Burger Stand on Boston's Seafood Turf?

Yes, it's all about the godawful decision Michael Ross has forced us into: Turn a giant unused men's room on the Common into a frappey New York Shake Shack or rent it out to a local who wants to sell Freedom Trail Ketchup with his burgers. Or as the Times frames it:

First the reviled Yankees won the World Series; now Shake Shack, the New York burger stand, might stake a claim in one of Boston's most sacred spaces.

The paper mentions our very own Jay Fitzgerald, first off the blog on the topic, although, naturally, being the Times, they don't link to his post or, for that matter, even bother to check whether the outrage they attribute to him actually came from his site (it doesn't).

But maybe I'm just cranky because I haven't had lunch yet. Maybe I'll go out into the backyard and rustle up some lobster.



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shake shack?

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The Pink Palace is one of Boston's "most sacred places"? MEEEEEP!


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it is something made out of ham?

Tulsa once banned use of "hamburger" as a term....

...for sandwiches made from beef patties -- because the term was misleading, since such sandwches were not made from ham. Restaurants were legally obliged to rename these sandwiches "beefburgers".

Not sure if this local ordinance has ever been revoked.

Complete overreaction, really

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But if we can't overreact to the Times calling a series of closed urinals "a sacred shrine," what can we overreact to?

I thought

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You said fried clams, not fried hams

I dont understand why nobody

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I dont understand why nobody is calling to have the damn restrooms be reopened. This city lacks public restrooms.

I had that same thought.

I am shocked by the idea that there once was a restroom at the Common. I hate having to wait in line at the Starbucks. But it's all about money. Public accomodations require publicly financed upkeep. Give it to a private vendor and things will be kept in good running order. There just isn't much investor interest in privatized johns unfortunately.

But they close super early

One nice summer day, around 6:15pm I went to meet my wife on the Common. Every single bathroom was closed for the day, there is nothing you can do except go to the Starbucks. It's ridiculous because the whole park is full of people, and there's not a public bathroom in the whole place.

My fallback restroom

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Macy's. I don't know about the women's room, but the men's room is down in the basement, just past the lonely gift-wrap counter (I think I'd go insane working there).

Just sayin'

There are public restrooms in that visitor information hut on the Common.

"The seating is likely to be outdoors."

Good luck with that, fellas. I guess these Shake Shack nimrods are counting on global warming to make that possible the 6 or so months a year when only mad dogs & Eskimos sit out in the Beantown sun.
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