Boston drivers? Try BU drivers

Michael gets pulled over near his BU office for running a yellow light and gets an earful from the cop:

... First he told us that BU was pressing the Boston Police to write more tickets on campus, and bigger fines, in order to instill a sense of automotive respect for the laws of a civilized society. It seems that the privileged rich kids in their BMW's and Mercedes act like that the traffic laws were written only for the rest of the peons, and write off parking and traffic fines as one more cost of doing business, the business in this case consisting of using Daddy's money to get through college with the least amount of physical and mental effort possible. ...

However, he was just getting warmed up in his oratory. He immediately launched into a diatribe against FOREIGN STUDENTS who he said were the worst of the worst, both because they were uniformly ignorant of local traffic laws and regulations and because they were so rich and spoiled that they practically laughed in his face when he wrote them up. ...