Why Kerry Healey should take a fall

Mass. GOP News lays out the case for Republicans to wish Healey loses this fall: Use all the money from her campaign to support a Republican takeover of the Legislature:

... Let's embrace the legislative races and make winning those seats our goal for the short term. Those races are easier to win because they are covered less by mainstream media and the Republican Party has a better grass roots operation than it does a state organization. Local races tend to energize a political party where a statewide race does not. Let's face it; the town committees get a lot more done than the folks that hang around with Darrell Crate. He’s a pretty boy, but he hasn't had much success in getting the GOP out from under a Democrat supermajority. ...



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    I Remember the First Time I Sniffed Glue.....

    Use all the money to support a Republican takeover of the Legislature? Either (a) the folks at Mass. GOP News run a political strategy consulting firm and are looking to get a taste of that cash, (b) they went to Home Depot, bought some industrial strength glue, and deliberately concentrated and inhaled the fumes from said glue, or (c) both (a) and (b) with the hopes of using the cash from (a) to move into horse tranquilizers and crack.

    Republican takeover??

    If every Republican running for a legislative seat somehow won, I don't think that would be enough to produce a Republican majority in either house. The Mass. GOP is in sad shape.


    Didn't the GOP try to re-take the legislature last year, with much fanfare and money, only to lose a seat or two? And that was with much more advance campaigning. I mean, I wouldn't mind if Kerry Healey quit the race right now, but...

    Two years ago, but yeah

    (State elections are in even-numbered years.)

    The 2004 Republican candidate for Tim Toomey's seat, in Cambridge and Somerville, wrote a book about the experience: Blue State Blues, by David Slavitt. If you live in or near that district, it's an entertaining read.

    According to a recent Blue Mass Group post, Republicans are running for only 53 out of 160 House seats, and 17 out of 40 Senate seats. This is obviously not the way to build a Republican majority, or even a respectable minority, in the Legislature.


    Last year, last election...that thing.

    Interesting summary of Slavitt's book--it describes Tim Toomey as anti-gay marriage. I don't live in the district, but from what I recall, Toomey has voted in favor of same-sex marriage, no?

    Yes, I think that part of

    Yes, I think that part of the book description is misleading at best. Toomey was apparently a bit wishy-washy on gay marriage at first, but ultimately voted in favor of it.