Oh, now they tell us not to dive into the Charles River

Today's riddle: What's slimy and looks like green cottage cheese?

No, not the dead Maine mystery beast. It's the water in the Charles River basin!

The Weekly Dig, proving its editors are older than you might think, asks: Where’s Weld when you need him?

A blogger by the name of Mike the Mad Biologist, proving why we should get all our news from Technorati and Google Blogsearch, scoops the Globe by more than a week on the story (hmm, if a blogger posts in the Charles when nobody's around, does he still get coated in green slime?).

The Charles River White Geese people, proving every good story deserves a conspiracy theory, ask if the state caused the problem by fertilizing the new Teddy Ebersol fields.



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      A few years ago, when I was

      A few years ago, when I was living in Prov, my roommate's sister and
      her friend came to visit from central NY and stopped in Bosotn on teh
      way down. They told us they'd been swimming in the Charles iver. We
      laughed and expresse suprise that they were not glowing and explained
      how gross the river is. They were like "oh, that's why those people
      were staring and pointing at us!" I was like "yeah, they'd probably
      never seen anyone do that before"