Labor Day came a little late this year

Pancaked truck by the Kenmore exit. Pancaked truck by the Kenmore exit.

Dennis Atwood took this picture on Storrow Drive this afternoon. But does it count for the Storrow pool if the driver wasn't a student or parent heading to a local college but instead a commercial driver you'd think would know better?



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They must have been lulled into inattention when they sailed under the Dartmouth and Fairfield footbridges unscathed, only to be sardine-canned by the Bowker. I'd like to see the thought-bubble coming out of the guy's head.

Meanwhile, SchwartzHub asks the musical question: It doesn't count if it's not a UHaul!



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yeah.. be glad it ISNT Uhaul. That truck now is a total loss, I hope they bough the insurance!


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Wait a second. That sounds like you care about someone dumb or ignorant enough to drive a truck on Storrow Drive. We here like to laugh at those people, not commiserate with them. So long as nobody was killed it is hilarious when they hit the bridges [okay it's still funny even when someone is killed].


> okay it's still funny even when someone is killed

A remark so heartless and mean-spirited it borders on trollish.

What about the traffic

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What about the traffic engineer dumb or ignorant enough to not install and maintain low-hanging "cars only" banners which would prevent these accidents?


They HAVE PLENTY OF SIGNS! They even used to have frigging cow bells hanging from the "no trucks" signs!

What alternate universe Storrow Drive have you been driving on?

The problem is 1) people don't think the signs apply to them and 2)people are too busy looking at their GPS to notice that there are signs that apply to them.

From the UHaul tweets to #storrowpool, it sounds like they have undertaken a serious loss prevention program and are gloating about the lack of fail.

If the low-hanging "cars

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If the low-hanging "cars only" banner was in place where they entered, why didn't they stop when it hit their windshield?

Penske Truck

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I got really excited on Sunday when i was getting on Storrow at Berkeley Street. There was a Penske truck in front of me that started to take the ramp into the tunnel there. Unfortunately they stopped, the passenger got out and made all of us (in appropriately sized vehicles) stop while they backed off the ramp and tried to turn around.

I really thought that I was going to witness someone winning the Storrow pool. I was super disappointed.