Board backs BonChon beer bid

The Boston Licensing Board today approved a request by BonChon, 123 Brighton Ave. to buy a beer and wine license from an Asian restaurant on Mass. Ave. in the Back Bay. The approval means once the license deal with Island Hopper goes through, BonChon can serve beer and wine with its Korean barbecue.



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    Already serves beer

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    BonChon definitely already serves beer and wine, is this a different kind of license? Maybe different hours or full liquor?

    Ok, now i'm confused - did

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    Ok, now i'm confused - did they lose their original wine and beer license? A few months ago they most certainly had a wine and beer license. I went there a month ago and they had a sign that they could "temporarily not serve wine and beer" while they are transitioning to a full license.

    Ay, carumba

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    Shows you what I know about Allston restaurants.

    The application before the board yesterday was to transfer a seven-day beer and wine license from Island Hopper to BonChon, 121-123 Brighton Avenue (see the agenda, item 8.

    i get that part, but i wonder

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    i get that part, but i wonder what happened to their previous wine and beer license? my understanding is that BonChon already had this exact license up until a few weeks ago.

    also, the sign at the restaurant said that they temporarily couldn't serve any alcohol while they transition from a wine and beer license to a full liquor license. is that standard for a place to do that? to me, it sounds like they're bouncing a few licenses around a few different restaurants, or maybe the "full liquor license" they had their eyes on didn't go to them in the end, and they had to "re-buy" a wine and beer one. pure speculation, but who knows.

    what they said

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    At the ACA, their lawyer said that the previous establishment had one of those "special licenses" that has now returned to the city to be distributed to someone on a waiting list. BonChon opted to buy a normal liquor license from another restaurant instead of going on the waiting list themselves.

    ahh, that makes sense.

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    ahh, that makes sense. thanks much for the explanation. the whole licensing thing is just a giant cloud of mystery to me.

    you and everyone

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    I wish we had less insane attitudes towards alcohol.

    In California, we could buy liquor anywhere, even at the CVS. Somehow they avoided turning into a dystopian hellhole.

    Or did they...