The madonnas of Somerville



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      That's a lot of madonnas

      By Rhea on

      Aren't there more ceramic yard madonnas per square mile in Somerville than in any other city in America? This is gonna take him forever.

      Bathtub Mary

      By on

      I lived for two years in Catholictown, Iowa (i.e. Dubuque), and the local theatre troupe was doing a retrospective which involved the song "Bathtub Mary", sung to the tune of "Plastic Jesus":

      Bathtub Mary
      Bathtub Mary
      Sittin' near my front porch on my lawn
      I don't care if I'm fat and hairy
      Long as I got my bathtub Mary
      Sittin' near my front porch on my lawn!

      I don't remember the rest of the words, for which I'm sure you are all grateful.