WBZ has its pulse on the important news

In general, I like listening to 'BZ on the way to work - they can do a good job with breaking news (Danvers) and they always let me know what's on the front page of the day's Globe.

This morning, they faced a tough decision. Should they send ace reporter/poet Carl Stevens out to cover a gang-related double shooting in Roxbury (one dead, one wounded) or a store on Newbury Street that had a window smashed this morning?

Guess which one they chose?

Update: BPD arrests suspect in Newbury Street case.

Speaking of the murder, Adam Reilly ponders the Globe's decision earlier this month to write about the city-brokered truce between two local gangs - which apparently ended last night with the shootings:

The title of the story the Globe's Suzanne Smalley wrote about a truce between Boston's Heath Street and H-Block gangs earlier this month--"2 gangs find real peace, in secret"--raised an obvious question: would the aforementioned peace be jeopardized by being made public?

Now, following yesterday's killing of an H-Block leader in Roxbury, it's worth asking again. ...




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    I can't disagree with the choice

    Though I do not listen to WBZ, I cannot disagree with their choice. Like it or not, their listeners are far more likely to care about a smashed window where they might shop than about yet another murder of one thug by another.

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    Seriously. Good thing no

    By on

    Seriously. Good thing no REAL people live in Roxbury and that all the thugs and miscreants are so conveniently located in one place like that. It's not like gang members have friends or families or would ever be trying to escape gang life for a better future or anything.

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    Smashed Windows are Big News

    By Gregg on

    I agree with WBZ's choice. We already know that urban decay and violence is a way of life in parts of Roxbury, however its branching into Newbury Street is big news.

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    Were Not Doomed

    By Gregg on

    Just given a little too much literary license ;-)

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