DA: Alleged coke dealer skips bail after he gets a Dookhan discount

PixleyA Suffolk Superior Court judge this morning issued an arrest warrant for Marcus Pixley, who skipped out on a scheduled court appearance yesterday on drug-distribution charges, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Pixley was originally held on $5,000 bail for his February, 2011 arrest in the South End for allegedly selling two bags of crack to an undercover police officer. Police say Pixley swallowed a third bag and tossed a fourth into the snow.

The DA's office reports a judge reduced his bail to $1,000 after his lawyer told the judge the coke samples had all been tested by Annie Dookhan, herself arrested last week on charges of intentionally screwing up thousands of drug samples at the state lab where she formerly worked.

The DA's office says Pixley is not a nice person:

Because Pixley has three prior convictions for resisting arrest, he is charged as a habitual offender and faces mandatory a mandatory two-and-a-half-year sentence if convicted. He has been convicted of possessing, distributing, or manufacturing narcotics eight times as an adult and was indicted as a habitual offender on the drug charge as well.

Pixley's adult record, which dates back to 1977, also features convictions for rape, armed robbery, threats, assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a public employee, larceny over $250, and breaking and entering at night with intent to commit a felony.

The DA's office says that should Pixley be found, it will recommend his bail be increased.

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Anotrher defendant gets only a partial Dookhan discount

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The DA's office reports that the lawyer for Danny Martinez-Vazquez, a.k.a. Santo Ramon Cuevas and Manual River, asked a judge to reduce his bail on cocaine trafficking, possession of prescription pills, marijuana, a gun and a stolen car from $40,000 to personal recognizance.

Prosecutors asked for no change in his bail.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol Ball – who issued the warrant for Pixley this morning – reduced bail to $25,000 after prosecutors acknowledged that Dookhan was involved in testing the cocaine but had nothing to do with the other drugs, the gun or the car.


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Bail is suppose to be used to make sure you show up for your court date. (This works well for poor defendants, as they end stuck in jail.) So I don't understand why bail would be reduced because of issues with evidence.