Scott Brown has a mesothelioma-touched native american standout in West Roxbury

Outside the polls at the Patrick Lyndon School in West Roxbury is a man wearing a placard on his chest about mesothelioma lawsuit and victims. He is also wearing a single-feather headdress.

I asked him about his sign. He said his father died of mesothelioma and he blamed Warren for screwing the victims.

I asked why his was mocking Warren wearing an Indian headdress and he said he was Indian. I asked why he was mocking himself and he didn't have an answer.

I hope a journalist or blogger will followup with an interview and take a few pictures.

There's a direct line from Scott Brown and his Karl Rove-protege campaign manager Jim Barnett to this kind of "campaigning" in my neighborhood.

At about 3:15, the number of voters was 475 for Ward 20 precinct 13, about the same pace as 2008.


I did't ask him if he was with Scott Brown's campaign as a

volunteer or paid - $8/hour - because of the dishonest answer he gave me when I asked about the headdress.

There was another guy there who didn't like me asking questions, and tried to shut the whole thing down. I told him I was talking to the other guy (IE not him.) He took the hint.

Basically there were three people there. No one was holding signs. Signs were affixed to the fence and street signs.

What's the difference between this fake Indian and Warren?

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If the man is claiming Indian ancestry without proof, what's the difference between him and Warren? Does he also list himself as a "person of color" in professional directories? Does the headdress mock Native Americans anymore than submitting plagiarized "Native American recipes" to the Pow Wow Chow coobook? Your indignation is laughable.

Oh boy!

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A little taste of incoming Republican Colon-crucification when they lose to the Kenyan nazi socialist maoist whatever again!