TV lawyer: What if Romney had been showered by asbestos during his concession speech?

Leave it to James Sokolove to try to whip up some hysteria about that burst steam pipe at Haymarket on Tuesday.

Boston's response to the pipe explosion and potential release of asbestos could also be negatively affected by a number of inconvenient circumstances for the city. The explosion occurred blocks from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, where Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney had just finished delivering his concession speech.

Additionally, only one week after being hit by stormy weather caused by Superstorm Sandy that caused damage across the region, Boston is in line to get hit by a nor'easter on Wednesday and Thursday. Any bad weather that hits the area could not only worsen any asbestos issues that were caused by the explosion, but also impede workers from quickly containing any dangerous asbestos products.

Just blocks from the convention center!

Via Steve Annear.



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      We dont need facts. Like that (unless I am mistaken) there were not any readings taken that indicated any asbestos was in the air after the steam leak.

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      it's Boston

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      Everything is within blocks of everything else.

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      Or Elizabeth Warren?

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      What if our new senator had been exposed to asbestos? Do you think she would feel entitled to compensation? Do you think she would sue?

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