Andrew station becoming vortex of the weird

Tuesday night, MBTA Transit Police had to dispatch officers to Andrew to deal with an angry man threatening other passengers with a plunger. Yesterday, police dispatched officers to the Red Line station to deal with a naked man (photo NSFW if you squint or have a decent sized monitor).



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Andrew Square Weirdness

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The area attracts some odd characters. My opinion is the proximity of the methadone clinics over the bridge behind the square. People in the area are fed up with this. Recently, there has been a proposal to locate another methadone clinic in the area.
I walk down to the T station to meet my wife because of this situation. Each day I am down there I witness behavior directly related to drug use. You name it, it's down there. It's time to take a close look at this and make some changes. One woman has already lost her life because of drug related crime down there. Is that enough?

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Kiddin' or Seein'

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I request that All of the representatives of our community take a walk through Andrew Square any morning -- I call it the "The Livin' Walking Dead" --- Incredibly sad and appalling.

Weird is putting it mildly. I've lived in the area for over 2 decades and it's worse today than back in the 80s and that's saying something. Walk into any of the venues open in the morning for joe or the paper or keno and take a look or just wait. Not so much scary as sickening. The area I've been told by historically knowledgeable substance abuse specialists has always had a rep. Many years back it was booze -- the square still has an aura for very hardcore drunks. The old Andrew House, one of the earliest de-tox facilities(now on Long Island), originated, in the Andrew Square area-I've been told. AND, please correct me if I'm blowin' it out my ***.

Now, with dope and the heavens knows what - folks sort of drift and pass threw the square constantly creating problems for any business. No wonder the local neighborhood busybodies are up in arms over another methadone/suboxone clinic.

But, would Mssrs. Hart, Lynch, Linehan, Hart or Walsh ever, ever dirty their fine-leather footwear to walk through the square. NO! They'd rather cater to the Southielachia crowd!

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Just for the record

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Just for the record Councillor Linehan grew up in Andrew Square

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Well ...

I'd rather see that naked guy walking around than what I saw in a summer rainstorm over that way.

My husband, myself, and two of my husband's coworkers were trying to get over to 93 south in a nasty thunderstorm. This guy walks out from the station across stopped traffic, pulling off his shirt as he went.

That's when we saw the GIANT SWASTIKA TATTOO on his back, along with other "insignia" on his arms.

Holy shit! One usually has to go to the "People of WalMart" page to see such a side-show.

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It always has been the vortex of weirdness with a nearby methadone clinic, house of correction etc.
Not sure why there isn't more of a police presence with the large Dunkin Donuts plopped right in the middle of the square.

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