The mystery foghorn of Andrew Square

Karen asks:

Once in a while I hear what I believe is a foghorn here in Southie. Any idea where it's coming from?



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I think what is being heard is trains in the yard beyond Andrew Square. I hear them all the time.

could be anything

A train horn and a fog or boat horn sound different though. I live in Southie near American Provisions and can hear the ferries backing out of Rowes Wharf (3 short blasts on the horn), the fishing boats may also do this as well. You also have the cruise ships who's horns carry pretty far, and if it's foggy I can hear ships probably all the way out to deer island.

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Been in the area over 2 decades! Yes, one can hear a foghorn in Andie Square, but only under the right conditions. Usually, an east wind and when foggy.

Otherwise, only speculating, I do hear trains from the train yards, frequently. I also hear trains blowin' their horns going to and from the South Shore.

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They weren't lying when they told you the overpriced condo you just bought was "steps" to Castle island!