Orange Line shut after yet another person falls on the tracks

Brockton24_7 tweets somebody fell on the tracks at the Mass. Ave. stop shortly before 3 p.m. Service was, of course, halted to let him be scooped up.



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Let me guess....hmmm, opiate

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Let me guess....hmmm, opiate related?

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Does anyone know the details

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Does anyone know the details of whatever happened at Roxbury crossing around 5? That was an absolute nightmare.

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Someone punched out a window.

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Someone punched out a window. They had to empty that train out

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awesome stuff

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Tried my hand at Back Bay around that time and it was a mess inbound (figured still from the 330 incident). It's a middle platform and was completely full of people waiting for inbound trains.

Looked around for 5 min then trekked to Copley in defeat.

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