Floating slum in the North End?

Denizens of pricey Lewis Wharf condos are none too happy with the houseboats that have started showing up in the Lewis Wharf marina, NorthEndWaterfront.com reports.



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      Might be a stretch, but they are certainly self-propelled. I've seen one going along the Charles before.

      As for the neighbors, If they think this is bad, they've clearly never lived near an ACTUAL trailer park. You can't leave broken-down, rusting cars and mountains of once-used kid's toys on the lawn of a houseboat.

      They just need to float

      They don't need to go anywhere, they just need to float. I seriously doubt these have any kind of propulsion, they're just towed.

      Take a trip to Sausalito sometime, it's pretty wild. One time I was there, there was a mini-Taj Mahal. Just google "sausalito houseboats".

      Cry me a harbah...

      Sorry, but there's nothing in your deed that promises your view of the water will remain perfectly as you want it. I don't care how much you paid for it. If they filled the whole harbor in and made it an amusement park, enjoy the view of the roller coaster or move.