MBTA launches mobile ticketing on North Station commuter-rail lines

Buy, use tickets on your smartphone, if your smartphone is an Android or iPhone. Versons for BlackBerry and South Station lines are planned.



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So close, yet so far

Will I be able to use my monthly commuter rail pass for subway and bus?

Initially, monthly passes will not offer a free transfer to Subway and Bus, but will be priced at $10 below the full monthly pass. A full monthly pass is expected for mobile in early 2013.

So, we'll cut $10 off your monthly CR pass, but then you have to purchase a $70 monthly subway pass? WHERE DO I SIGN?!?!?!

Seriously, just get it working.

indeed, meh

Indeed, this is all sorts of meh. No integration with bus/subway systems seems to miss the point, and I think it's the buses that really need mobile payment more than the commuter rail. How hard is it to get Charlie card readers on the commuter rail? There's wifi in every car. The app has a little "offers" section, and it offered me $20 off my first Uber ride. Oy.