The Fitchburg Line: Where locomotives go to die

You know it's bad, Lee Ann Hooley tweets this morning, when the conductor announces "If you do need to get into town quickly, I suggest you drive."

Hooley and AsianKerr were among the hostages this morning on the Fitchburg Line, where yet another choo-choo went bye-bye, forcing commuters to wait for another train to come up and get hitched to their train for the long, even slower ride into Boston.

AsianKerr was onboard the 6:30 train when she tweeted at 6:50:

20 min later still waiting for my Fitchburg train to leave and a guy comes out of the engine holding a hose #notagoodsign

At 7:30, she adds, the train still hadn't moved.

Hooley adds her ride was not improved by her seatmate:

Oh awesome. The guy next to me is on the phone telling his girlfriend he wants to "suck on her neck and shit."




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Glad I'm not crazy.... My

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Glad I'm not crazy....
My interpretation is that he's a vampire and going to suck on someone's neck, and then drop a turd.. Any others?

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Overnight trains? Maintenance? Union Square not far from Target.

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a) Are some trains on this line that stop for hours overnight around Union Square Somerville making a lot of noisy vibrating?... 3am vibrating noises make buildings and houses around the area vibrate. 3am vibrating noises wake up folks who were asleep! b) Or is rail maintenance going on overnight there?... map, schedules at

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Yeah, that was brutal.

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Yeah, that was brutal. Waited for this train for an hour and a half on a freezing cold platform, and of course when it did finally limp into South Acton every seat was taken. Finally pulled into North Station about two hours late.


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