Brookline can have his Styrofoam Dunk's cup when they pry it from his cold, dead hands

John Carroll reports that when Brookline's ban on styrofoam food containers goes into effect, he'll just start buying his medium Dunkin' Donuts coffee elsewhere:

The hardworking staff has no kids so, to be honest, we don’t care as much as Brookline goo-goos might about the environmental effects of styrofoam. Add to that, the Dunkin’ Donuts medium coffee cup stands as one of the design triumphs of our era.



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"...the Dunkin’ Donuts medium

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"...the Dunkin’ Donuts medium coffee cup stands as one of the design triumphs of our era."

Methinks this gentleman stares too much at coffee cups. It's a flipping coffee cup: pedestrian and functional. Nothing more.

Stuck in the dark ages

DD's must be the last major food service chain to use styrofoam. Not just for the hot drinks, but to double-cup the cold ones in the summer (gawd forbid a slushy-sugar-diabetes-induction-caramel should get warm!).

Since the company sees no need to update to the sensibilities of the late 1980's, bans like this are a good thing, since they might get the chain to reconsider the long-term, negative public effects of their packaging.

That McDonald's is still

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That McDonald's is still using paper wrapped styrofoam coffee cups too.


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I like the part where since he has no crotch spawn, he has no resposability to the future.

IE: I got mine, Fuck you.

Wotta douche!

I couldn't find anyone who could stomach me long enough to actually have sex with me, so fuck the next generation.