Continued operation not in the cards for downtown fortune teller

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday revoked its license for a Kingston Street psychic after a hearing that included a former client detailing how she had been taken for $5,000 in cash and merchandise, a police detective accusing one of her employees of a felony and arguments over whether her studio's neon sign was permitted.

The move means Psychic Visions owner Theresa Miller can no longer legally operate a business reading palms and Tarot cards, gazing into a crystal ball or writing out a horoscope.




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    Fortune Teller Flyer

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    In the article the fortune teller claims she never hands out flyers. At Downtown crossing I have been handed flyers for a fortune teller on Kingston Street hundreds of times. How many fortune tellers are there on Kingston Street?

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    Bet ya she never saw that coming.

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