New T general manager promises she's no Idi Amin

The Globe scores an interview with Beverly Scott, who says she'll be tough but open when she takes over at the T.



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She did a horrible job in

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She did a horrible job in Atlanta, to the point they gave her "extra training" and they were not willing to renew her contract.
She took a 200k pay cut to come here, probably because nobody else would hire her.

She "believes, as many academics and analysts do, that its problems are not waste but inadequate funding". While the MBTA is insufficiently funded compared to state roadways one would have to be blind to not see the inefficiencies and waste which prevent the agency from snagging a lot of low hanging fruit in service improvements.

Someone called in a political favor with Patrick to warehouse this woman and he foolishly obliged.

Well at least she will be entertaining?

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At times the T is a broken mess that is never on time ,unsafe and the brunt of jokes. On the other hand it is very entertaining and I look forward to a General Manager who somehow bring the names of Simon Legree and Ida Amin into an interview about the state of public transportation.
I hope Beverly took the time to talk to Big Bob Prince who was a great GM but whose downfall came when he told the Herald that as a young man he witnessed a lynching of a young black man by the KKK.
He never could explain why the KKK crowd never noticed him in the middle of the crowd.


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The MBTA needs this lady like a hole in the head. If you think the T has problems now, wait a while.

So that's what you can do

With a Political Science degree?

I give her credit for referencing Harriet Beecher Stowe, and boo to the Boston Globe writer who thought we would not know the reference.

What does "referencing HBS"

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What does "referencing HBS" or being black have to do with knowing how to run the MBTA? Nothing at all. Detroit.