Man shot to death in Brighton

UPDATE: Arrest made in the death of Leroy Cooper.

Brian D'Amico and Scott Eisen report a man found with gunshot wounds around 5:40 p.m. at 118 Leicester St. died.

Photos of the scene.



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how sad is it that this story

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how sad is it that this story didn't really register for me until I saw the photo of a body next to a zipcar? Now I relate to it. Pathetic how a) desensitized to murder I am, and b) how much a silly connection like using the same car share service can ground it for me and make it human.

Anyway, now I'm curious to know more about this, anything out there yet?

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News or lack of??

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Area is normally a quiet end street.
Virtually, no reports or news of this event -- WTF
Something's UP or Down ....

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The N Beacon St housing projects are on the other side of the park from there. But still, I was never aware of much trouble coming from that development. Usually a quiet neighborhood.

Hope we learn some more details.

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leicester st

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very quiet dead end that leads into the park. place was infamous for kids ditching cabs and running down into the park towards the faneuil projects. cabbies didnt want to chase anyone down into the dark park even though it has always been a very safe area.

it would be a logical spot to set someone up for a robbery for these very reasons. if you look at it on street view all you can see is the long gray wall bordering the end of the street but on the other side is a slightly wooded pathway down to the baseball fields, across the tennis/basketball courts, and onto faneuil street. i hear that the victim was not from the area which could make him completely unaware of the park on the other side of that wall.

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End of street and park

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Yes, agree that the street has always been quiet. Sad to hear that cabbies were stiffed at this location - was unaware of that. Obviously, the cabbies would have been near-recent immigrants or unfamiliar with the location.
Never remember the area to be wooded. Deciduous trees that run the perimeter of the playground do leaf-out--above the end of Leicester Street. However, the park has never been wooded. At least in my lifetime. I walked through this park near daily as a child, and frequented the street enough while driving relatives around Brighton for decades.

Do remember after the 50s hurricanes immense trees being blow-down over the eastern border of the McKinney Park/Playground. I know that the city's Park's department does occasionally trim the trees and shrubs, here. (of late ???)

Individual is from down on The Cape --- more to this story. Dailies and TV news not covered this story either at all or very limitedly. Why?

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faneuil park

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there used to be a dirt path leading into the park down to the right and a less steep paved one to the left. in the middle was a rocky steep section of dirt. in recent years (10-12ago) they planted a bunch of shrubs and some plants in the middle. to me it felt less safe after that. with the old layout you could step behind that wall and see the entire park and anyone that might be in it. once the landscaping project got through you couldnt tell if someone was hiding in the shrubs and it was a bit more dicey, but still safe for the most part.

i dont quite understand the lack of coverage on this one either. i did read somewhere that the victim's sister played napolean dynamytes brother's gf in the movie. strange fact.

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