Turkeys didn't always come wrapped in plastic

Turkey shopping in Boston.

Leslie Jones photographed some pre-Thanksgiving turkey shopping at Threser & Kelly, Quincy Market, in 1933.

Also see some of the 12,000 turkeys at Pine Hill Turkey Farm, 2938 Mass. Ave., Lexington.

Photo from the BPL's Leslie Jones collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.



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Yes ---

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One can still purchase 'fresh meat' out in rural Massalachia and up-country New England without the dang plastic. Specialty markets also will sell fresh turkey without the 'rappers'.

Bongi's in Duxbury has the best turkeys

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They let them roam around in and out of a barn all spring, summer and most of fall and then they become Thanksgiving dinner.

I actually saw the guy who runs it on the History Channel last night. Some some about the real history of Thanksgiving.

Butcher wearing a hat?

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Is the man wearing the hat the butcher? If so then I am impressed with his style.

While there is much of the 30s that is best left forever in the past style is not one of them. More and more I think the 30s was one of the greatest decades for style in art, architecture, clothing, etc.