Some details emerge on planned 38-story tower next to Boston Garden

The Herald reports on a BRA filing by the developer of the planned Nashua Street Residences.



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    We are all gunna die from the

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    We are all gunna die from the new shade!

    Someone's views might get ruined too!

    Why can't the city just transform itself into a model version of 1950s suburbia or at least West Roxbury?!

    Why so little parking? This definitely needs 3 spaces per unit! Whaddahyah mean it's next to multiple subway stations and the commuter rail, who rides that stuff?

    This would be a great spot for a another empty park.


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    You know, because the weather is so wonderful here 3 months out of the year. Forget apartment buildings/condos, restaurants/bars, stores...we need green space. What do you think this is, NYC???


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    nailed it. nicely done.

    Must close at 5pm

    You can't have anything open past 5. Ever. And, if people live there, there will just have to be a curfew.

    No liquor licenses, either. No. We are a nice family town, think of the children!!!

    Re: NIMBY

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    LOL on that reply ! :)

    Definitely going to hear renewed calls for shadow studies, but this project is already fully permitted and approved in it's previous (and very similar) form. So folks can NIMBY all they want, it's gonna happen...

    Ugh, this area...

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    Is just getting so bleached, it's turning into Kendall Square! While the EL was kinda gross and depressing, it at least had some character. All this new bullshit down near the Garden is just that, bullshit.

    Hey now!

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    Sully's Tap may have a city-approved sign now, but it's still pretty gross and depressing. AND it's the LONGEST BAR IN BOSTON! Last time I was there (and it's been a while) it was early afternoon on a Sunday and me and the bartender watched a Kennedy family documentary on a blurry tv screen. Felt very Boston. Had the urge to go whack someone and leave their body in a marsh somewhere.


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    you're warming the cockles of my heart. Is Sullivan's Tap really the longest (meaning length?) bar in Boston? I suppose it would be, since it spans an entire city block. Hilton's Tent City is still there, which is cool. They have some great deals on garb, for sure. Last I recall the Penalty Box was still around, no?

    Whoops there goes

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    Great more sterility. Well, my ex-sister-in-law lives in the neighborhood. And, if anyone needs 'new neighbors' --

    Jeesus - At one time myself and buddies, acquaints and other 'assorted' hangers-on would bounce between the Box and Sullys before games, during games and after games -- What games!! And, if still standin' make it over to Merrimac Street and other dens.

    Great for taxpayers!

    State, City, and MBTA workers can live there so taxpayers don't need to give them free parking any more. Living there, they don't need to abuse parking privileges to go to Bruins games either!

    Bad troll!

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    You've gone off-message!! It's all about bike lanes, evil city planners, the oppression of the car driving masses and the bike riding kids in school who knocked the books out of your arms in the schoolyard! You're going off on a Howie Carr Hack rant and that's copyrighted to him and his minions! Stay on target, Gold Leader!

    [...sigh...They just don't make trolls like they used discipline I tell ya. It was different in my day. A troll had one shrill note and damnit he laid on that key like little Stevie Winwood on a hammond. Gimme some of that lovin, I tell ya. No respect these was so much better in the past....]