Chaotic Readville intersection could get traffic light

In response to a citizen complaint about sheer chaos on the road, the city reports it's looking at installing traffic signals at Milton Street and Hyde Park Avenue just north of Readville station - an intersection that has it all: Hills, curves and, of course, Massholes.



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Gosh, it only took them 40 years

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Ok 40 might be an exaggeration but 30 for sure. I'm 45 and we'd drive from Dorchester to Dedham to visit relatives a lot when I was a kid and we'd always cut through Readville to get there.

That clusterschtup has been there as long as I can remember. I can't believe they're finally thinking about improving that intersection. The other side of the bridge could use some help too but that would probably cause too much of a backup.

Yes! Lights are NEEDED!

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Lights are definitely needed at Milton Street/Hyde Park Ave. They would also be a plus on the other side of the bridge (as previously noted). Between the MBTA buses that don't stop for anyone, pedestrians trying to cross over HP Ave, and the complete IDIOTS that don't know what a turn signal is, you take your life into your hands at those intersections! I vote YES (if I even have a vote)!!!

I hate lights, but I think

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I hate lights, but I think one is needed in HP on Turtle Pond Pkwy. Right now there's a 4-way stop that backs up crazily during rush hours

No More Traffic Signals

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A series of 3 way stops would suffice and allow decent flow thru the area. Additionally without cars rushing to make green lights, traffic would be calmed.