Two-bit turkey toughs terrorize town


how many times do we have to go over this?

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Turkeys test you out to see if you're submissive or dominant. If you challenge them - wave your arms, yell, move towards them - they'll back off.

If you run off screaming like a little girl, they'll chase you/attack you.

If you've got them in your neighborhood, carry a large stick or broom with you when you go out. All it'll take is one whack with a broom and the turkeys will think twice about messing with you.

If enough people harass them, turkeys will figure out that as a whole, we're to be feared.


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The BPD officer is actually standing in front of the Brookline Police HQ (across the street from Town Hall) rather than near the high school, as mentioned in the voice over. The very last clip of the video is indeed on Greenough St, just down from the high school and right in front of my parents' house. I've heard of them nesting out in Newton, but so far my experience around the high school is that they're just passing through. Throwing sticks sounds vaguely amusing, but threatening them with cranberry sauce is so much more fun. :)

Meanwhile in Dorchester?

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Thanks to the MBTA construction at JFK station we are infested with giant rats bigger than Brookline's Turkeys who are a lot tougher and less tasty.